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Private Tuition

Do you want to learn BSL in a friendly and informal setting?

Are you studying BSL just for fun and are not keen on exams?

Or maybe you would like to have private tuition with your partner or your child so you can learn together?

We can also look at revising specific topics or units from your BSL course that you would like to refresh, or arrange for a retake of individual exams.

We provide:

  • Friendly and relaxed BSL teaching sessions
  • One-to-one tuition or small group tuition
  • Homework and activities that can be done independently
  • Assessment of your skills providing thorough feedback
  • Action plans and targets on where you need to improve


We are experienced in informal group teaching, one-to-one tuition and are able to offer personal support and help you improve your skills and confidence.

If you are studying on a BSL course from Introduction to BSL, Level 1 to Level 3, and you feel you are not getting enough from your course provider or have missed some classes and would like to catch up, contact me and we can bring your signing up to the required standard.

If you would like more information and for a tailored quote, please get in touch.

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